History of New Jersey Online Casinos- History, Licences, Promo Codes

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The online world has progressed way beyond using the Internet for simple search engine research. It is hard enough to imagine online gambling 20 – 30 years ago, these days it is hard to imagine life without a smartphone connected to the internet. There are several other entertainment services now available online, from playing fancy games that require a decent computer configuration, to simply having fun playing casual games. The gambling industry made its way online and currently has a strong demand and presence on the world wide web. The world of online gambling is a billion-dollar business and keeps growing.

All it takes is a connection to the Internet and a computer and you can immediately enjoy a gaming experience previously only found in the land based casino. Moreover, there are also many gambling sites online that allow you to connect to from the palm of your hand via a smartphone.

Online Gambling – The beginning

It is believed that online gambling began in 1994. Today, there are many gambling websites all around the world, but just as with other industries, online gambling has its polarizing names. Below are those that are popular in the state of New Jersey:

  • Borgata online casino
  • Caesars online casino
  • Golden Nugget Online Casino
  • Tropicana Online Casino
  • Mohegan Online Casino
  • Virgin Online Casino


These “giants” share a lot of traits that actually make them popular among online gamblers. All of them offer an extensive online gaming library, convenient and secure platform, NJ Casino’s promo codes and great customer support.  When using an online casino promo code, players can expect to receive an online casino bonus of $10-$20 for free and a deposit matching bonus of up to $1000. The above mentioned casinos use third party software to run their gambling services online, hence, it is no big surprise that the many different gambling websites have a similar, but still pleasant gaming interface.


First form of online gambling

Online casinos are believed to be the first form of online gambling. A fully functional online casino is believed to have been developed by a firm called Microgaming that offered the game of real money online casino. However, there are several other firms that also claim to have created the first gambling game online making it unclear which was first.    

There were two companies that played a vital role in the popularity of online gambling; Intercasino and Microgaming were two online companies that entered into the world of online gaming at the early stage, both of which are still in the business today and remain consistently strong. Their main field of contribution was the technology behind online gaming as well as the safe financial system to process the customer transactions.

As time went by, online gambling became more popular, and with the introduction of videos, the players could even watch play with live dealers. This boosted online gambling popularity even further. The next stage of online gambling was the introduction of mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones. Mobile capabilities created a never before seen approach to gambling. From then on, gamers just have to be located in the state of New Jersey to enjoy the popular NJ online casinos. Moreover, sophisticated technology allows mobile device players to enjoy the same functionality as desktop players, therefore, gamers can enjoy same games, security and casino promo codes.

Online gambling in New Jersey

Virtual casino websites in New Jersey are fairly recent. The state allowed online gambling in 2012 and issued first online licenses in 2013. Borgata Online Casino, Golden Nugget Online Casino and Tropicana Online Casino were among the first ones to start operating. Currently, NJ gamblers have a variety of legal online casinos that operate 24 / 7 on a large scale. The Online gaming world has changed casinos of Atlantic City since more and more casinos recognize that online gambling industry is a big fish these days.

There were a few websites that shut down from the humble beginning of online gambling. However, the current state of online gambling in New Jersey is quite good and is here to stay. The regulations have evolved to meet gamblers’ demands over the years and now online casinos offer promo-codes and loyalty points to the players. As an example, Tropicana Online Casino promo code TROP100 will get you free $10 and $100 real cash back.

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